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E.N.D. Wellness Channel Mission

E.N.D. has curated a handful of some of the best yoga, mobility, and meditation professionals from across the country to provide wellness practices for our niggas, beginning January 16th.

Excited to announce the launch of E.N.D.’s wellness channel: “For us By us.” We want to help solve for a glaring issue in mainstream wellness spaces — a lack of content representation & virtual programming for the Black community. 


beginning March 6th

A leader in the field of yoga, Abiola Akanni has successfully cultivated transformative wellness spaces that encourage individuals to lead their communities with the practice of yoga.


The Nigerian-American yoga educator is the founder of iya, the online platform offering Non-performative Yoga. She's committed to sharing the practice of yoga beyond the physical poses to disrupt the western world's performative approach.


Her non-performative mission teaches students and instructors the regenerative practices of yoga for better space holding, on and off the mat.

Series Description

Welcome to my Intro to Chakras series! The chakras are energy centers or nerve bundles throughout the body. You have 7 chakras, starting at the base of the pelvis and ending at the crown of your head.


In this series you'll learn foundational yoga poses and the chakras that align with them, in addition to grounding meditations to gently build heat, settle the nervous system and activate the chakras. Expect adaptable yoga flows, inclusive language and props to make your introduction to the practice an easy one!

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